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We only supply the best

Kaimata means ‘fresh or raw’ in Maori – the native language of New Zealand.

At Kaimata we believe in only sourcing the best and finest fresh or raw ingredients for your pet from around the world.

In the case of our, Kaimata branded all-natural pet food, treats and supplements, we use time-honoured freeze-drying techniques to create a nutrient-rich, easily digestible product that enhances the fresh ingredients natural health benefits.

Sustainability then drives our business – with all our raw ingredients sourced from single-source suppliers who share the same ethos we do with long-term sustainable and humane farming practices.

Our focus on single-source also ensures traceability for our key ingredients – from high country pastures, glacial-fed rivers to the cool Pacific Ocean.

Our adherence to only the finest natural ingredients means that all our product contains zero starches, fillers, sugars, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives – just as nature intended.

If you are wanting optimum health for your pet then select Kaimata – delivering the best of New Zealand… naturally.

Meet Levi - one of New Zealand's luckiest dogs

Levi is the face of Kaimata – and what a cute face it is! But Levi’s life didn’t start out the best. Neglected and abandoned Levi spent the early part of his life at the dog pound where he eventually stole the hearts of avid dog lovers, Craig Tucker and Rose Steemson.

Due to the poor condition Levi was in, Craig and Rose went in search of the highest quality produce they could find to ensure that the newest addition to the family could get the best 'second chance' possible. This led to the family deciding that if Levi could have the best then so should the rest of the dogs around the world - and hence Kaimata was born!

Levi's role as the chief taste tester, packaging assistant and 'barketing'manager continues to ensure that he will remain in peak condition... and that any product that carries the Kaimata brand is endorsed my some of the fussiest taste buds around.

The Kaimata difference

All our products are carefully selected for their natural health-giving properties as follows:

  • As your dogs life-source, a good cardiovascular health is vital. Maintaining an ideal body weight and feeding your dog a high-quality protein is essential. Coenzyme Q-10, present in our Kaimata Salmon Bites as well with essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are highly recommended.

  • Joint inflammation and arthritis, often caused by the immune system releasing proteins that damage a dogs joints, can be debilitating for a dog. Reducing processed foods, feeding your dog grass-fed animals, and increasing natural Omega-3 found in fish with high antioxidants will help reduce inflamation. Try our Joint Flex and Salmon Roe supplements.

  • Poor dental health can greatly affect a dog’s overall well-being, not only causing gum inflammation but reducing their desire to eat. Natural supplements include bee propolis, coenzyme Q10 found in salmon, cranberries, dill and fish based supplements high in calcium, phospohorus and collagen such as Kaimata Bone Strength.

  • Recurrent and persistent infections are signs of a weak immune system. A proper diet and regular exercise will have a profound affect on achieving a balanced immune system. For an additional boost we recommend supplements high in Omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids as well as a good protein and calcium supplement such as our Cheese Powder and Body Vitality.

  • Vomiting, diarrhea and regurgitation are signs that your dog has digestive issues. A good probiotic with L-glutamine will do wonders in maintaining and restoring beneficial intestinal bacteria. We recommend Digest Aid or Kaimata Green Lamb Tripe – both packed with nutrients.

  • If your dog is lethargic or tired it is often due to a poor diet or underlying medical conditions. High energy foods can often give them a pick me up. This includes high quality natural proteins as well as a good vitamin-B supplement with essential fats. Body Vitality will work wonders for helping bring back some zing.

  • While there can be a number of reasons, a skin condition is often a sign of an allergic reaction. A natural diet, using any of our main diet products is often the solution to the problem. You can also use Joint Flex which offers a high source of collagen and Omega-3 to improve their coat.